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I like to code and I like the feeling of code lines coming out of my fingertips. I try to build the simplest and most usable solutions to make awesome.

I live and work in Riga, Latvia and spend my days making kick ass things.

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Jira - How to Include JSS and CSS resources on every page

Hi all,

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Unit tests, What they should be like? (2)

My humble opinion only

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Automated Tests, Unit tests, Pros (1)

My humble opinion only
  • Improves design.

At least +1 client, decoupling from the Application.main([]) method.

  • Regression tests, cost of running them VS cost of manual retesting.
  • Difficult to test by mortal hand areas

(multi-threading issues, timing, DB connectivity loses). As extra point, the cost of such hand-made tests are extremely high and won’t disappear on 2nd/3rd/… run. Not my opinion, but I share this point of view

  • Easier to explore internal (unclear from user point's of view) Grey Areas or Unpredictability Corners (more commonly known as old plain Boundary Values).

It’s not always clear from User Story or User Interface that the boundary values would be, or other subsystem boundary values influence on this particular component. Or the boundary value application will eventually hit is very-hard to prepare by mortal hand. For example tester should repeat Long.MAX_VALUE operations to hit this one.

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Google Best Practices

See Presentation: Agile Project Management: Lessons Learned at Google.
From a lot of another parts, one item which grabbed my attention:
At Google - they have per-person wiki/html page to list the work they are doing now and their plans for the next 3 months. It “helps to share the information and find the right person for the right job/ask question” …

I think it’s a wonderful idea an every company which has internal KMP (Knowledge Management Portal) or smth like that should follow this practice. Not making devevlopers to follow this one, but just suggest this. Who knows, may be their staff will like that and theit internal processes and communication will rock :)

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EL hidden dangers

I was playing around with the expression language engine shipped as part of the Seam for some time. So: I created some utility component (let’s call it StringUtils(@Name=”stringUtils”)) and some TestNg unit tests for it (reusing ComponentTest#testComponents).

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