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Announcement: propertyset-storage-toolkit plugin has been released

Hi folks,

I assume many of you are Jira developers and I think I will express the overall feeling that configuration data storage in the Jira is a tricky moment many of you spent a lot of time on.

propertyset-storage-toolkit - is plugin to rescue from boilerplate configuration data storage coding. The plugin itself is more like library for configuration data persistence and retrieval (and a sample application along to start rolling).

Hopefully you will find it as useful as I do. The reason for me of creating one is - to help newcomers come on board the Jira Plugin Development process.

This said, here theere are list of feature available:

  • Database persistence using PropertySet for underlying data storage
  • Has no additional JIRA dependencies and provides enhanced PropertySet API sub-set
  • Could be used both as JAR dependency bundled with your plugin OR as separate plugin, depending one your current needs.
  • Provides a rich set of out-of box list of Scope objects. (Scope defines the sandbox of the PropertySet storage instance). At the moment following configuration options are supported

  • Named configuration scope (Example: My Gadget1 Configuration)
  • Action configuration scope (Example: your plugin may contain Administration action, which may require to persist and access administrator input).
  • Project configuration scope (Example: you may associate configuration information with project object)
  • Issue configuration scope (Example: you may associate configuration information with issue object)
  • The list of scopes is not limited and you may come-up with your own Scope
  • Apache 2 license

If you are interested to use, provide a feedback, review or any type of comments - you are always welcome to contribute.
Readme file is your place to start.
Hopefully with the help of you guys, will end-up with something really useful.

PS> Really enjoyable and productive weekend at the end of the day :)

NB. If you've found typos or errors, please suggest a correction or edit on github.
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