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atlas-cli IntelliJ support

I assume most of you, Atlassian Plugin SDK consumers are well familiar with atlas-cli command.

After reading Down’s Browns great article titled Maven without all the slowness - now with IDEA support decided to give it a try. I wish it would be so straightforward :) See the bugreport. It seems the cli:idea artifact is broken.

So, of course, you could get the sources and compile it by your own. However I have found what JBoss repository have compiled Intellij Artifact itself, get it here. Copy the jar file in the plugin directory (in my case it’s /Users/leonidmaslov/Library/Application Support/IntelliJIdea10CE/) and viola, you are done.

Let’see it in action, configuration first:

And now 3 more build commands/shortcuts are available
Enjoy :)

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