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The SWEET flavour of Rust (presentation)

I accidentally ended up presenting about Rust at Latcraft’s March event (the event was devoted to Rust, GoLang and Erlang).

It all started with the tweet from Latcraft org people.

And then the race (preparation et cetera) was on ;) Only regret: Will reserve more time for talk polishing next time. Unfortunately, guys screwed up video, so I don’t have one.

tl; dr;


Every chef now and then uses pinch of his secret spices to make a dish somewhat special and exquisite. This talk will provide introduction into nature of Rust sweetness and will answer to most important questions: Why and When does it make our dishes better? We will iterate over small code snippets and take a look How strong typing and functional thinking can be applied to low level system programming. - better, online version, with slide notes (enabled by pressing p).

Also, see discussion at /r/rust (corrections, comments,..).

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