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I like to code and I like the feeling of code lines coming out of my fingertips. I try to build the simplest and most usable solutions to make awesome.

I live and work in Riga, Latvia and spend my days making kick ass things.

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Howto - C# enums with additional attributes (Java enum gaps covered)

Disclaimer: This post isn’t going to be complete apple-to-apple and even apple-to-oranges comparison. It’s going to be describe-the-pain-and-solution post.

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Atlassian Rest Cli gets new stylish github page

Title says it all. is a new home of the Atlassian Rest Cli documentation and blogging.

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jira-rest-cli-1.1-SNAPSHOT work in progress

At the moment working on jira-rest-cli-1.1 release.

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Release announcement: jira-rest-cli-1.0 (jsr223 powered interactive jira scripting console)

Check it out

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Maven2 project auto-release [@GitHub] example

What’s about?

So, I finally got my head around maven-release-plugin maven plugin. And, yes, it’s awesome. I have not tried any kind of different/difficult scenarios yet, just plain basic ones.

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