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I like to code and I like the feeling of code lines coming out of my fingertips. I try to build the simplest and most usable solutions to make awesome.

I live and work in Riga, Latvia and spend my days making kick ass things.

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EL hidden dangers

I was playing around with the expression language engine shipped as part of the Seam for some time. So: I created some utility component (let’s call it StringUtils(@Name=”stringUtils”)) and some TestNg unit tests for it (reusing ComponentTest#testComponents).

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Richfaces. How-to change skin via javascript. Dropdown combo.

As we all know - JBoss has acquired wonderful Exadel solutions and we are looking onto JBoss Tools and Richfaces. I am trying to build working application from the scratch using Seam/JSF/Richfaces/Facelets. At the moment I am concentrating onto standard Look-n-Feels and standard skins (with some minor adjustments). So, the task I wiled to solve was - to provide myself the ability to switch between RichFaces skins in the runtime.

RichFaces Live Demo illustrates this in ActionParam Demo. This solution didn’t suit me, because amongst switching I had following requirements as well:
<ul><li>Switch using DropDown combobox.</li><li>User just should be able to select Skin by name and see the result, it’s all. It 1-step procedure, 1-time click. It’s not like that: user selects Skin, After that it presses some magic “Apply Skin” button. Things just don’t work like that.</li><li>A possibility to set-up default skin is MUST-HAVE requirement.</li></ul>Last, but not least: It was completely unclear to me how to set-up my environment to make my application to use code snippets proposed (there the value of the “#{}” comes to etc). So, I had to download Live Demo sources and dig into source code to grep all the skinBean references I could find.

So, in conclusion:
<ol><li>I didn’t like the rich:sugessionbox, because I wanted to have the thing simple and I didn’t like the idea of rendering some table-like structures just to display skin name.
</li><li>rich:combobox provides only the way to define elements. So, what about actioning, refreshing etc. what the functionality is all bout. Only onclick="javascript: code()" will suit my needs.</li></ol>After a little investigation and wrapping my head around JSF/Richfaces I decided to go with the Seam remoting for “javascript: code()” and to use just to provide the combo with the standard Look-n-Feel.
<h2>Step-by-Step solution</h2>To make Richfaces use custom skin you could insert the following lines into your web.xml file:

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Clamour and stir around Servlet 3.0 Draft

So, Servlet 3.0 Specification (JSR-315) is now being in discussion topic. It appears different people feel different about the spec proposal, but the majority of them agree in one point - 3.0 spec should be more strong-type centric and much more annotation agnostic/less centric.

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SSL through MSCAPI nightmare

Hi everybody, Have everyone of you worked with SSL? It’s really nightmare I tell you. Java+SSL stack (JKS and more and more abbreviations) seemed fine to me until our customer proposed the Windows user native keystore usage.

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